"I have been a long time supporter of public education. I want to continue to work for you. Our community is built on the foundation of high quality educational opportunities. Having a great school district is often the only opportunity a student has to change the trajectory of their life. We have made great strides, lets #MaintainMomentum!"
Supporting Lakota's Vision
WE are Personalized
  • Promoted portrait of a graduate work to build the skills necessary to prepare students for their next phase.
  • Supported efforts to meet every student where they are, and grow them from there, expanding hands-on learning opportunities.
  • Supported relationship building time in curriculum
  • Promoted professional development for staff to allow them personal choice and growth
WE are Fiscally Responsible
  • Every decision we make is evaluated for sustainability.
  • Spending in 2018 was $163.4M vs. $165.6M in 2010.
  • Highest cash on hand in school history at $99M, 6th highest in the state.
  • Fulfilled our levy promises, and found ways to do more with less, allowing us to provide all day kindergarten, expanded high school opportunities and specials in elementary and early childhood schools.  

WE are Future Ready
  • Promoted & supported programs to prepare students for 4 E's.
    • Enrollment in higher education​
    • Enlistment
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Employment
  • Supported expanding use of 1:1 technology  to prepare students for changing opportunities
  • Expanded student offerings with cutting edge programs, such as Lakota's Cyber Academy

WE are In This Together
  • Part of team that developed and implemented community conversations.
  • Promoter of student, staff, parent and community voice, attending 100's of school & community meetings.


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