Meet Julie

My husband Bill & I have lived in West Chester for the past 19 years. Our two oldest children graduated from Lakota West, and our youngest child currently attends West. When my family first moved to Lakota, my oldest daughter started first grade in a class with 27 students. This was a change from her kindergarten class in Columbus that only had 18 students. I decided to attend a school board meeting to get more information, and to see what I could do to effect positive change in the district. At that time, I had no idea that attending that first board meeting was the start of my journey to becoming a member of the Lakota Board of Education! 

There have been a lot of great moments during my three terms on the board, and certainly a lot of challenges. I’m proud of so many things that have been accomplished during my tenure on the board, and I believe that this election is about making a choice to invest in the future of our students, our district, and our communities. I have spent my three terms working to be a good financial steward of taxpayer dollars, celebrating the success of our staff and students, and working to keep our district strong.

All students in Lakota deserve to feel welcome, to have opportunities to pursue their interests, and to receive a high-quality education. You deserve a board member who is focused on what matters most – ALL LAKOTA STUDENTS. With your support on November 7th, I will continue to prioritize the needs of our students, make sound financial decisions, and provide proven leadership that is dedicated to the success of Lakota!